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Becoming a vegan TV cook – a story of mindfulness

Vegan TV-Chef, author and blogger, and a huge chocolate addict – sounds likeable? Then wait till you hear what else Stina is working on. Because Stina is all about mindfulness: mindful eating and living and mindful treatment of the people around us. She is a great ambassador for the environmental and physical benefits of a vegan diet, she is into yoga and sustainable fashion and lately she founded a women empowering network and mag: Mindful Women.

We met Stina for a photoshoot with sustainable vegan fashion from our shop and had the chance to learn more about what drives her. Read on to find out…

Lets start with some easy questions: What is your favourite holiday destination?

I have the most wonderful destinations for hiking, cycling and swimming just around the corner, so I have decided to get to know my area and middle Europe much closer. And you can travel there by train.

And your favourite colour? 

That would probably be pink (laughs). –> We agree – check out her instagram (editor’s note)

And last: what is your favourite book?

Fierce Fairytales by Nikita Gill

Stina - Hey Honey Top - Bebelplatz
Top Tank Love White by Hey Honey

You are a vegan TV-Chef – that is such an unusual job! Tell us about your journey?

I started going vegan in 2008, having been a vegetarian for a long time. One of the main reasons was definitely ethical, so I must have been pretty dogmatic about animal products in the beginning. But I discovered very soon, that with good food, stunning food styling and a little fun you can make the vegan lifestyle look as appealing to others as it seems to you. So I started blogging and a publisher approached me to do our first cookbook together.

At the time I actually studied technical engineering and believe it or not I also worked in IT. After my first cookbook I decided to quit and become self-employed. It was pure luck to get into a regular live TV show and it still it feels incredible to be able to share my recipes with a nation-wide audience. And the best thing is, that after eight books I still can’t wait to do another one and share all these new ideas with my readers.

If we see something that is really pleasing and we want to eat it, it doesn’t really matter if it is vegan or not.

Stina Spiegelberg

What inspired you to start your blog? 

When I first went vegan there weren’t any labels or nice vegan recipes available. I am a very visual person and love to see aesthetical food, that speaks to me. (There is nothing more sexy than a candybar, though 😉

Veganism is so much about arguments and making people see what is the best choice either for them, the world or the animals. Yet intelligence doesn’t change habits – emotions will. If we see something that is really pleasing and we want to eat it, it doesn’t really matter if it is vegan or not. And that is exactly what I was going for with my blog. Yummy recipes with a good photo will inspire you into a better nutrition routine. Today there are over 500 recipes available on my blog and it is such a joy to see how many readers have tried and loved to cook them.

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You have been vegan for a long time. What are your top tips for somebody who is just getting started?

First I think you should take it easy. When I first went vegan I threw all animal products out of the fridge, because I couldn’t look at them anymore. I made a hard cut, but it doesn’t have to be this way. A lot of people tell me they would love to go vegan, but can’t seem to quit cheese, or their favorite chocolate, or the steak once a week. Then don’t. You don’t have to be one hundred percent vegan, but please don’t let the one choice you want to make once in a while, keep you from making all the right choices most of the time. 

Go plant based and have your cheese sandwich once in a while. Or eat vegan at home and go for a vegetarian option at work. There is so much in between that can work for you. And probably, after a while, you will find it much easier to go with plant based options without the feeling of renouncing animal products. Trust me: You will find amazing new tastes, colours and recipes that will blow your mind.

Since you are also into sustainable and fair fashion: What do you look for in an item of clothing? How do you shop?

Top: THE LOLA by THE SEPT | JORID almond milk – vegane Hip Bag by nuuwai

I don’t want be harmful with my consumerism. That we can’t see so many bad things overpowered by good marketing, doesn’t mean they are non existent. I try to buy as minimalistic as I can. I want my clothing to be natural with no chemicals, sustainable and fairly produced. And I believe that anyone who has a full-time job should earn his or her living. 

Please don’t let the one choice you want to make once in a while, keep you from making all the right choices most of the time.

Stina Spiegelberg

What are your top picks/brands from fineyellow?

My favorite brand is LOVJOI (coming soon on fineyellow), their denim pants are super comfy and their lingerie is just unbelievable. For the shooting I loved the Hey Honey yoga outfit and the Naz blazer.

Linen Blazer by Näz | Summer Please Sleeveless Tencel Bodysuit by ADVA | Market Bag M by Marin et Marine
Top: Criss-Cross Bra | Bottom: Leggings Flawless Green both by Hey Honey

With your new project you started going into women empowerment. Tell us about the project and why it is important for you?

Mindful Women is for strong female sustainability. We believe in ourselves as a fundamental social and entrepreneurial resource. With our newly built network we want to empower women to live their dreams, put their visions into action and help each other grow. Failing is part of the process, but we can learn so much from it. And by sharing experience on an honest and authentic level we can build tomorrow’s sustainable companies on humane values.

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Let’s get personal. Who are your biggest influences?

I have had so many wonderful people supporting me. My boyfriend has always been a huge driver and one of my most persistent critics. I have wonderful friends from big organic companies, that have always been there mentoring me in moments of question. Verena from Lovjoi is a wonderful friend and most certainly a huge example to me as a female leader. I can’t name them all but to be honest every (at that time especially) woman is a role model to me in her unique kind of way. I think if you open your mind you can learn something wonderful from everyone that crosses your path. 

What’s the best advice you ever received?

Let go. 

What advice do you have for our readers?

If you have a dream be realistic for a short time. If it doesn’t bring you to tears, just do it.

Yoga Top: Criss-Cross Bra by Hey Honey | Cardigan THE KAIA by THE SEPT

What are you working on at the moment? What’s next for you?

There are so many things I am keen to share, but It’s not the right time yet. Let’s say there will always be room in society to bring sustainable topics forward. And for now, I am working very hard on making it happen. Very soon. Crossing fingers.

About Stina

To learn more about Stina head over to her Instagram or her website. The Mindful Women project can be found here and on Instagram. It was so much fun and inspiring to have this collaboration.

The lovely photos were taken by Sophie van Daniels who was the model in our first photoshoot. Her interview can be read here: Going minimalist with Sophie van Daniels. We can only recommend working with her as well.

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